Pupils have been enjoying a number of activities to help them learn to love the spoken, sung and written word.

The school took part in National Storytelling Week, from 28 January to 1 February, with a number of reading activities and challenges. Students listened transfixed to an assembly led by local singer John Froud at the Crag Lane school. Retired teacher Mr Froud is a director of the Zephanyr Trust, a charity which sends musicians and artists into schools, churches and community groups in the Bradford area. Mr Froud entertained the children with songs and shared works from his favourite poetry anthology Poetry Emotion by Stewart Henderson.

Reception pupils wore fancy dress for a ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ themed day. Year 6 children took part in a literary challenge with the school council taking on their teachers to name as many books as they could in 30 seconds.  Triumphant winners were Year 6 school councillors naming 32 titles versus Miss Riley who named 17.

Teachers also swapped classes to read stories to pupils they don’t usually teach and pupils listened to readings of The Gruffalo and The Hobbit in school assemblies.

Principal Helen Ray said:

“The children had such a brilliant time and we’re very grateful to Mr Froud. Events like National Storytelling Week really complement the learning pupils undertake in other lessons.”


PUPILS at High Crags Leadership Academy enjoyed a visit by Bradford singer John Froud, as well as activities for National Storytelling Week.