Leadership learning is ingrained in the culture of our academy and embedded in our curriculum. From an early age, pupils are provided with the language and tools they need to help them develop strong leadership skills.

In the regular timetable, we aim to develop leadership skills in every lesson. We always encourage pupils to try something new, persevere when things go wrong, follow their passions and volunteer to take the lead. This could be through reading aloud in class, conducting a Science experiment, captaining a sports team, participating in a school production, being elected to the School Council, or helping other pupils and staff members. Opportunities abound for pupils to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills.

Throughout the year, we also organise Leadership Days, which are linked to pupils’ passions, aspirations and development needs. Pupils participate in cross-curricular projects that foster their leadership skills and give them the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in lessons during real and simulated age-appropriate situations.