WELCOME from the


As Chair of the Academy Transition Board for High Crags Primary Leadership Academy, I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with senior leaders, school staff, parents and stakeholders to ensure that every child attending High Crags is provided with an excellent quality of education, along with leadership and character development opportunities that are grounded in our STAR values: Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect.

Myself and my fellow Board members work hard to ensure the Academy benefits from the wealth of support, resources and professional networks offered by Star Academies. Working with Star’s Board of Trustees and Star Central, we will monitor the Academy’s performance in many key areas and ensure that High Crags excels in every aspect of its provision. We will ensure the school remains a happy, safe and productive environment shaped by effective leadership, engaging and enjoyable learning opportunities, and high standards of personal development, behaviour and welfare.

Through our leadership specialism and leadership academies, we are committed to encouraging all of our pupils to develop and fulfil their potential so that they are well-equipped to become responsible and thoughtful young citizens, and we work collaboratively with the school and wider community to improve overall outcomes for pupils; personally, academically and socially.

Kieran Larkin

Chair of the Transition Board