Social Enterprise &


As part of our mission to promote character development and service to communities, we are committed to teaching young people critical life-long skills such as collaboration, resourcefulness and accountability. Pupils take on increasingly responsible leadership roles that culminate in Leadership and Social Enterprise Projects in which they identify a community concern and then plan, execute and evaluate a project to address it.

Pupils will be expected, as part of this element of the curriculum, to be involved in choosing the projects they will develop and in raising charitable funds.


Our pupils have been heavily involved with a local community outreach centre called ‘Tracks,’ which works with anxious and vulnerable children – as well as young people with long-term medical needs who have been hospitalised or prevented from accessing mainstream schooling for an extended period of time. Our pupils offered support to the Tracks children by attending their recent production, helping them to remember what it feels like to be a part of a friendly and inclusive class environment.

Aqua Aid

We regularly encourage our pupils to think about the plight of children in countries far less fortunate than our own, and to promote an ethical mindset, we have installed water fountains from Aqua Aid throughout the school. Aqua Aid ensure a proportion of the money we spend to regularly replenish our water supply is donated to impoverished African countries, where it is used to help create sustainable solutions to poverty and ensure people who often have to walk miles to find a scant source of drinking water benefit from a continuous supply much closer to home. Our pupils know that every time they take a drink, they are helping to quench someone else’s thirst.


Our pupils have fundraised for a variety of worthwhile causes this year, including the Alzheimer’s Society, Jeans for Genes and Sport Relief. Our annual Book Fair was also a resounding success and the money raised will help High Crags to continue to improve the quality of its provision and facilities.