The Academy uniform is an important part of our ethos, because we believe that it helps pupils develop a sense of community, pride and belonging.

Our Academy uniform consists of the following items:

  • Cyan embroidered sweatshirt or cardigan 
  • Grey/black trousers or skirts (shorts or blue summer dresses in warmer weather)
  • White polo shirt
  • Black Shoes (No trainers)


  • A plain white ‘T’ Shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Black pumps/trainers

All of the uniform is available to purchase from:

Stevensons – 01727 815700

Natasha’s Schoolwear
12 New John St
Tel: 01274 724676

Please note Natasha’s will be continuing to sell its existing stock until March 2021 only. 

Parents who are entitled to free school meals will be given two free school jumpers or cardigans.  If you believe you are entitled to free school meals, but have not yet registered, please visit Bradford City Council’s website to find out how to apply.

Children in Year 6 are given a school blazer and tie to wear. These are made to measure and, later on in the term, the children in Year 5 will be visited in order to be fitted for their blazers. The aim of this is to raise their profile in school, prepare them for their move to secondary school and enable them to become real role models for the other children. There is no cost to parents for the blazers or ties.