Famous powerlifter Rich Willis took time out of his training schedule to inspire pupils at High Crags Primary Leadership Academy with interactive exercise sessions.

With his sights firmly set on competing at the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020, Rich Willis is a remarkable figure. Having never lifted a single weight before just two years ago, he now finds himself able to bench press twice his bodyweight despite having Diastrophic Dwarfism.

Through the Sports For Champions UK scheme, we were able to welcome Willis to deliver fun workout sessions to all classes in order to promote healthy and active lifestyles.

Jo Cornelius, Principal, commented:

“It was fantastic to welcome such an inspirational figure into our school to show our pupils what can be achieved through hard work. The exercise sessions were enjoyed by all, and the children now have plenty of ideas as to how to remain active in the future.”

Rich Willis promotes healthy lifestyles throughout a workout sessions for pupils and teachers